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Manage your image just like your real estate

blekks is a new property management agency. Boris looks after your property as if it were his own: he makes sure it’s in good condition, that the tenants pay, that your lease is legal, … While the day-to-day job requires you to have your head everywhere, the website had to be very uncluttered. Boris wanted to get to the heart of the message. He called on me to put his projects into words. On the website, there is a description of his services, his background and a contact  ...

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Playing with colours

Under the name Becolors, Bénédicte offers a colorimetry/morphology/… service. Everything you need to find the clothes that will make you look your best. Colours are her business. But the colours on her website no longer suited her. So she wanted to rethink everything and she called me.     We changed the colours, but also the layout, the illustrations and she reworked the text. And within a few weeks, the site had a new look! Bénédicte had asked a photographer to capture the  ...

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Travelling as a Family

After a stay in a hotel that wasn’t as kid’s friendly as we had thought, my husband and I came up with the idea of a blog that would include good addresses for families. That’s how Made for Families was born.   I create websites and I have a journalism background, I have all the skills required. So it was just a matter of getting to work. I quickly put this project on my agenda. The challenge was to design a blog that reflected our image. After designing a visual  ...

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Loopings and Communication

Justine and Lauranne, both journalists, met at Flair magazine. One day they decided to gather their strengths to write quality content to their clients. Then they launched Looping Presse. They were in need of a website to explain their services. Lauranne said to me that she wanted “a website that has a soul, a story, that we would read as we browse a news website”. I analyzed all the examples they had sent me and suggested three templates. The one they chose was Enfold, but more  ...

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From Blogger to Food Stylist

Behind the food blog FouettMagic, there is Meggan. This food lover was also one of the co-organizers of the Creative Sunday. Since we have decided to bring our events to a close, Meggan has put a word on her true passion: food design. The concept is still new but, in brief, a food stylist is the person who showcases the food. The idea is to organize shootings staging delicious meals in a great atmosphere (in a beautiful tableware on a decorated table with a nice view or in a lovely room).  ...

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In the Mood for Travel

The travel agency Terra Travellers opened in 2015. A year later, the Facebook page was no longer enough, it needed a website. After a few issues with a company charging a bit too much before having created the website, Liudmila came to me. She wanted to have a simple website allowing her to show her latest promotions and tours. Very satisfied by the Enfold theme, I looked at the travel demo to see if it would fit with Terra Travellers. The choice was obvious: the agency colors were almost  ...

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A New E-Shop for June’s

The e-shop June’s exists for a few years now. Since the project had been launched by a friend of mine, I am a big fan since day 1. I followed its evolution for a while until the day Alexandra offered me to join her and manage the brand together. Since I can’t stop looking at jewellery anywhere I am,  I thought the job was made for me! The website had been created by a web agency, at the beginning. Since I had the skills to make it by myself, we started from scratch and decided  ...

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