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Manage your image just like your real estate

blekks is a new property management agency. Boris looks after your property as if it were his own: he makes sure it’s in good condition, that the tenants pay, that your lease is legal, … While the day-to-day job requires you to have your head everywhere, the website had to be very uncluttered.

Boris wanted to get to the heart of the message. He called on me to put his projects into words. On the website, there is a description of his services, his background and a contact section for more information. So we went for black and white and short texts. The typography is reminiscent of the typewriter style, always more simple.

page d'accueil de blekks

The site has been online for a week. If you are looking for a property manager or if you simply want to see the result, go quickly to blekks!


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