Codettes’ Story

Codettes is the story of a young woman trained as a journalist who stumbles into the world of start-ups by chance. Surrounded by developers who string together lines of code, she becomes curious and learns the basics to better understand them. But the basics are not enough…

That young woman is me: Anne-Laure de Harlez, from Brussels, born in the mid-80s.

I left the start-up for a job at the opposite end of the spectrum (and not even more so: communications manager at the European Commission…) and in parallel, I started to follow classroom training (HTML/CSS at Steer in London) and online training (WordPress and Javascript at before leaving the world of the European institutions to make a living creating websites, under the name Codettes (a good mix of code and femininity). I then followed the ultimate web developer training: the nine-week training course offered by Le Wagon, in Brussels.

Since then, I have returned to my first love: writing. In addition to the technical aspect, I offer a content writing service (website texts, blog articles, translation from English or Spanish, …).

For seven years now, I have been creating your websites (websites, blogs, …) and helping you write your content. I always discover more interesting projects.

Come and talk to me about yours to make it evolve together!!