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Loopings and Communication

Justine and Lauranne, both journalists, met at Flair magazine. One day they decided to gather their strengths to write quality content to their clients. Then they launched Looping Presse.

They were in need of a website to explain their services. Lauranne said to me that she wanted “a website that has a soul, a story, that we would read as we browse a news website”. I analyzed all the examples they had sent me and suggested three templates. The one they chose was Enfold, but more particularly the Creative Studio variation. It’s a one page website with a lovely menu opening in full screen.

About the theme: Enfold is a very great theme to create a lot of websites. I’ve already used it for EfisTerra Travellers and la villa des Etoiles). The admin part is well developed and allows many changes without having to dive into the code. It works with Avia Advanced Layer Builder so I can easily design the pages. Small bonus that I like: we can update the theme directly from the admin part. It’s very small but it makes everything simpler!

Justine and Lauranne had two wishes: to add media elements and use their own icons (made by Florence Bragard, such as the logo). So I amplified the first capital letters and added the hash symbol. Regarding the icons, I had to adjust their size and Florence adapted the line so the finish look would be great.


The WordPress theme being all black and white, I looked for colors which would match Justine and Lauranne’s style. Finally, the duet dark pink/green appeared to be what they were looking for. Pink helps to emphasize small elements and green differentiates the sections.

Result is online for a few weeks now and I’ve heard that the website was just like them. Isn’t exactly what it was supposed to be? I let you judge…




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