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From Blogger to Food Stylist

Behind the food blog FouettMagic, there is Meggan. This food lover was also one of the co-organizers of the Creative Sunday. Since we have decided to bring our events to a close, Meggan has put a word on her true passion: food design. The concept is still new but, in brief, a food stylist is the person who showcases the food. The idea is to organize shootings staging delicious meals in a great atmosphere (in a beautiful tableware on a decorated table with a nice view or in a lovely room).  ...

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In the Mood for Travel

The travel agency Terra Travellers opened in 2015. A year later, the Facebook page was no longer enough, it needed a website. After a few issues with a company charging a bit too much before having created the website, Liudmila came to me. She wanted to have a simple website allowing her to show her latest promotions and tours. Very satisfied by the Enfold theme, I looked at the travel demo to see if it would fit with Terra Travellers. The choice was obvious: the agency colors were almost  ...

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