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My first site for a customer came out of the imagination of a graphic designer whose work I love: Marine Visart. So of course, when she asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her, I said yes right away. Since then, we have been working together regularly. (Our latest project is about to be put online …)
I’ve known Marine for about fifteen years, but not everybody. So for those who do not know her yet and to present you the job of a graphic designer, I asked her some questions about the profession she has been practicing for seven years …

What is Marine Visart?
It is a graphic design studio specialized in the creation of visual identities. I create everything that constitutes the image of a project in reality: logo, website, packaging, stationery, etc. The list is long!

What is your specialty?
Visual identities, that is, the visual translation of the values ​​of a project. A successful visual identity allows brands / companies to create and develop a strong bond with their audience.

What kind of projects are you working on?
The sectors are super varied as well as the declinations requested. This goes from designing a label for a new Belgian brand of jam, to creating a logo for a family transport and logistics company, not to mention the complete packaging of a website for a coworking space . This is what makes this work always exciting!

What do you like most about graphic design?
This variety precisely. Each customer brings a very special universe and values. My job is to understand them and translate that into form and color. It’s always very exciting.
Where does your inspiration come from?
Basically it is always the project itself. What are its values? What does the company bring to its customers? Who are they talking to? This is the essence of any project and it will be my thread throughout the creative work.
In a second stage, my sources of visual inspiration are varied: fashion a lot, illustration, photography, the work of other graphic designers, old packaging, etc. I am especially interested in creating visual environments composed of many different things but which together creates a strong unity. Once found, I choose typographies, shapes and colors to transcribe this visual atmosphere into a logo, a website, business cards or other.

How do you work?
It all begins with a discussion with the client in which he mainly explains what he is doing. After that comes the research and creation phase. This is the most important part of the process because it is at this point that identity is created. If we take the time to do this well, we will save time afterwards! Finally comes the declination of identity on other communication media according to the needs of the customers.
During all this work, there is constant dialogue with the client. In the end, it takes as much investment on his part as mine. 😉

How important is design in a website ?
The design is usually done in two stages.
We first think of the structure of the site, where to place the information on the pages, how the visitors access it, … A site allows to communicate a lot of information but if they are not intelligently and clearly presented then it serves no purpose. This is the first job of the graphic designer.
Secondly, as with any communication medium, we concentrate on the declension of the visual identity on the site, we determine the colors, the typography used, and so on. To guarantee visual unity to the project until the last button.
Marine Visart

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