I’m a Wagoner!

As I publish those words, I’m discovering Le Wagon in Brussels and attending the first day of this 9 weeks bootcamp. I’m either wondering what am I doing here or telling myself that’s exactly where I need to be (in principle, it should be the second option but we never know…). I set myself a challenge with this bootcamp which will help me improve my technical skills and contributing to more than one string to my bow.

I dive into Ruby (a programming language invented by a Japanese who thought that simplifying code would be great), Rails (a structure based on Ruby which let us go faster, together it’s called Ruby on Rails or RoR, which sounds like a video game to me), databases, APIs (programming interface, sort of intermediary which grants access to information to use someone else’s data. It allows Facebook connect for example), …

In brief, those are technical stuff but mostly stuff I’m curious to learn about for a long time and that will help me do even more online. To give you an idea, it says that we’ll recreate Airbnb’s website in the last weeks. I should be able to do one or more things in 9 weeks, shouldn’t I?

I will let you know what we really learn at Le Wagon.

Anne-Laure, a.k.a “Wagoner” since this morning.


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