From Wagoner to alumni…

How did that happen? When did I become a Le Wagon alumni?

Well, well, I know… The moment Matthijs Kolkman, the anchorman of our Demo Day (the closing event during which we all present the projects we’ve been working on the last weeks), ended his speech saying that we were now former students just like him.

We are now part of a bigger batch (bye bye batch #45), the alumni one. OK, got it. But still, time flew in the last weeks! Last time I talked about Le Wagon was the middle of the 9 weeks (see this post, or for the beginning of the story, this one). It was hard to see where this was all going, we were trying to catch the concepts and we were all hoping we would figure out one day (as you can imagine, I didn’t know everyone was feeling the same, I realized it wayyy later). At that time, I remember Anne Collet (organizer of Le Wagon in Brussels and Amsterdam) telling me that time seemed to be long but it will soon fly. It was hard to believe. But then we started to work front-end (or basically what I’m doing since I started Codettes). Followed by Rails (a framework based on Ruby) and that’s when it went clear. I could finally understand where this was going and what to do with this new knowledge! After that, we started working on projects. First an exercise then the final one, with the same team. We learned how to work with a team, organize our work (big up to Bastien, Jeddi and Debora), and so much more.

Suddenly, it’s the last day and you feel sad that this is already over. At some point, I was dreaming of the end and now I want to go back and enjoy every part of it. What an experience, what a rollercoaster, what an adventure!

I have met wonderful people (I would be happy to mention their name here but we were a batch of 38 students and there were plenty of assistants and teachers, you’d be bored before me…) and I went outside of my comfort zone. And you know what? I loved it!

If you are thinking about doing Le Wagon, go ahead and apply! (Or send me an email before if you want to discuss, I will be glad to talk about it.)

Now, let me rest a little. This was exhausting (especially the karaoke during the after party!)

Anne-Laure, a.k.a « Le Wagon alumni» since Friday night.

© Le Wagon

© Le Wagon


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