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From Blogger to Food Stylist

Behind the food blog FouettMagic there is Meggan. This food lover happens to be one of the co-organizers of the Creative Sunday. Since we brought this project we had together to a close, Meggan has decided to put a word on her real passion: food styling. This is still new but, in brief, a food stylist is someone who puts the food under the spotlight. The idea is to organize shootings of good meals in a great atmosphere (nice tableware on a decorated table with a nice view or in a beautiful room).

Logo Fouettmagic

So we had to reorganize her blog! The blog had to become a website showing what she does, what she offers and keeping the essence of the blog: her recipes. I came with a new structure and ideas, Meggan came with a lovely WordPress theme she liked, the Monica.

Theme WordPress Monica pour le blog FouettMagic

About the theme: Working with a new theme is always risky. Lot of theme are too simple and require hours of development to fit your needs. But this one surprised me in the good way. It is quite easy but strongly efficient. You can find what you need without being drowned. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want to deal with technical aspects. Bonus: I had to contact the author and he replied very quickly and was super nice! 

The set up of this new theme was pretty easy. However, the blog had been created with Enfold which I love but has shown its limitation this time. Enfold works with Avia Builder Layout, a tool that helps you to lay out the pages. It’s amazing when you use a theme made for that. But when you use another one, you loose the compatibility with Avia Builder Layout and WordPress displays little pieces of [code] between [square brackets] a bit [like that]. It ruins a bit everything, doesn’t it?

We had to manually go back into each post to remove this gobbledygook between square brackets, a truly great surprise. So we are sorry to all of Meggan’s readers who have found (find) older articles  that we couldn’t review on time. With almost 400 articles and 250 recipes, it took a while!

But the website is now (almost) clean. So if you are looking for a recipe or a food stylist (speaking French), go and visit it!

©  Pictures and logo by Lindsay Zébier – IDFirst.